Bridging React with Python

React is a view library written in JavaScript, and so it is agnostic of any stack configuration and can make an appearance in practically any web application that is using HTML and JavaScript for its presentation layer.If you want to take advantage of React’s excellent component-based JSX system, the virtual DOM and its super-fast rendering times with your existing project, you can do so by implementing one of the many open-source solutions.

To install python-react, use pip like so:
pip install react

You can now render React code with a Python app by providing the path to your .jsx components and serving the app with a render server. Usually this is a separate Node.js process.
To run a render server, follow this easy short guide.
Now you can start your server as so:
node render_server.js

Start your python application:

And load up in a browser to see your React code rendering.

React can be used in practically any language which utilises an HTML presentation layer. The benefits of React can be fully exploited by a plethora of potential software products.
React makes the UI View layer become component-based. Working logically with any stack means that we have a universal language for interface that designers across all facets of web development can utilise.
React unifies our projects’ interfaces, branding and general contingency across all deployments, no matter the device or platform restraints. Also in terms of freelance, client-based work or internally inside large organisations, React ensures reusable code for your projects.
You can create your own bespoke libraries of components and get working immediately inside new projects or renovate old ones, creating fully reactive isometric application interfaces quickly and easily.
React is a significant milestone in web development, and it has the potential to become an essential tool in any developer’s collection. Don’t get left behind.


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